I’m an Associate Professor in the Cybersecurity Section at DTU Compute in Copenhagen and Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department at Aarhus University, Denmark. My research focus is on (applied) secure computation as well as (lattice-based) zero knowledge protocols. Furthermore, I am interested into security for machine learning and secure protocol design using public ledgers.

Before starting on this position I have been a Postdoc at Aarhus University and Bar Ilan University, Israel. I obtained my PhD in 2016 from Aarhus University.


Peer-reviewed Publications









Peer-reviewed work outside of Cryptography


In the Fall 2022 I was teaching two full days about Privacy-Enhancing Technologies in the DTU Masters program for Cyber security.

In the Spring 2021 term I was teaching Optimization and Complexity together with Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen.

In the Fall 2020 term I have been teaching some parts of the Cryptographic Computing course at AU alongside Claudio Orlandi and Peter Scholl. I have also been teaching this course in the Fall 2021.

Other Work

I organized a Summer School on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning together with Bernardo David from ITU Copenhagen in 2022. Click here for more information.

I’ve been a Program Committee member of ACNS 2017, CCS 2019 Workshop on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning, CCS 2019 Workshop on Encrypted Computing & Applied Homomorphic Cryptography ,The AAAI-20 Workshop on Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence 2020 and 2021, IEEE ICME, LatinCrypt 2021, CCS 2021, ACISP 2021, PKC 2022, ACNS 2022, CRYPTO 2022, AsiaCrypt 2022.

I gave a presentation about Secure Computation in Tel Aviv in 2018. Here is a link to the video.


My work is currently funded by the DARPA SIEVE program (project FROMAGER) and the Open Philanthropy (project SecureDNA). Starting in the summer of 2023, my work will also be funded by a Villum Young Investigator starting grant (Project QUID-PRO).


E-Mail: cabau at dtu dot dk
Twitter: @crypto_carsten
LinkedIn: carsten-baum
Office: Building 322, room 210 (DTU Lyngby Campus)